The Benefits of Going Green with iSYNC

The Benefits of Going Green with iSYNC


ISYNC makes paper table tents and laminated flip card stands a thing of the past. That’s good news for the planet —and for your bottom line.


Good For the Planet


Paper display products represent a significant carbon footprint. From harvesting and processing raw materials to the printing process, shipping and eventual removal and disposal, the entire process consumes a significant amount of natural resources and fossil fuels. By going green with iSYNC’s digital displays, you slash the environmental impacts of your on-table messaging, while at the same time providing your patrons with a superior on-table experience. Going green will also resonate and reflect well on your venue in an era where sustainable initiatives are increasingly expected and considered good business practices.


Good For Business


A quick glance at the books is all it takes to realize the costs of traditional on-table displays. And when you switch out paper table tents and laminated flip displays for iSYNC’s propriety digital display network, you do a lot more than just eliminate printing and paper costs. Traditional displays don’t age well, require periodic replacement, and often fail to capture patron’s attention. The ISYNC network’s on-table messaging rises to the next level with bright, dynamic displays that engage without intruding.


Good For Your Messaging


Eliminate the long lag times that plague traditional table tents and reap the benefits of instant updating of your on-table messaging. The iSYNC network provides venue managers with a simple, intuitive interface that allows you to update your messaging in a matter of minutes rather than weeks, and without the ned for staff to remove and replace physical displays. This ability opens a whole new realm of venue marketing possibilities, from customized messaging to the promotion of nightly specials, merchandise and events.


Good For the Bottom Line


The iSYNC network has a proven record for boosting specialty items, drink and appetizer upsells and venue  merchandise, leading to an increase in overall per-customer spend. Add to this the fact that iSYNC is provided to qualifying venues at not charge, and may also offer opportunities for revenue sharing, and it becomes easy to see the benefits to your bottom line.


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