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Welcome to the Fusion of Place-Based Media & Digital Marketing!

iSYNC Offerings

Go Digital

With iSYNC, table tents are a thing of the past. Go green, save thousands in printing costs and enhance your marketing with customized messaging that will drive sales, enhance the customer experience and increases your bottom line.

Smart Tech

iSYNC devices use proprietary, cutting-edge technology to ensure secure interactions. Each venue can custom-tailor content and advertising to fit their specific market demographics and realize higher customer engagement.

Smartphone Linking

iSYNC devices use near-field communication (NFC) to connect to your customers’ smartphones. This expands the interactive experience and enables features and services such as loyalty apps, customer surveys, eCommerce, co-op marketing and branding opportunities.

Risk Free

The iSYNC network and its proprietary digital devices are provided to qualifying pubs, restaurants and bars at no cost. It’s a no-risk program that enhances customer experience and in many cases becomes a profit center

Discover what an iSYNC Venue Partnership can do for You

iSYNC is much more than an app or an extension of a POS system. It is a turn-key micro-network with passcode-protected security that is both a guest service device and a powerful marketing platform and customer retention solution. Venues are provided with proprietary hardware and software at no cost, along with ongoing customer support. Venue managers have the ability to control and update their marketing message, both on-table and through programs such as email and SMS campaigns with detailed reporting.

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    71-75 Shelton Street
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    worldwide locations

    With corporate offices in the United States, Great Britain and Hong Kong, iSYNC is ideally positioned for global opportunities. The company is currently focused on developing networks in both counties, along with select venues in the Middle East and Australia. Further expansion is planned and protected by a broad range of intentional patents and marketing partnerships.


    Interactive Devices on Every Table​

    Beyond Touch Screens iSYNC Links Directly to Mobile Device

    Payment Choices

    Guests have the option of paying through a secure digital connection with their smartphones. Create more covers, turn tables faster, more efficient service with fewer mistakes and generate higher tips!

    Instant Updating

    iSYNC allows your marketing message to be updated in real time. Want to push a nightly special, reward customer loyalty or promote an upcoming event? It's as easy as managing your social media feed.

    Hyper-Local Content

    Tailor content and advertising to speak on your specific customer base. Provide updates for favorite sports teams, steam financial updates or add trivia and pop culture content. The choice is yours.

    Smartphone Linking

    ISYNC devices integrate seamlessly with existing NFC smartphone technology. Customers can link in to pay, browse, comment or download premiums and special offers.

    Valuable Insights

    The iSYNC network's analytics suite allows you to create a detailed snapshot of your customers, and identifies the actions that will increase repeat visits, improve service and enhance the bottom line.

    Always Fresh

    Unlike traditional table tents, which quickly become dirty and require periodic replacement, iSYNC devices will always present a crisp display that reflects well on your venue.


    Stop sending outdated paper and plastic displays to the landfill and reduce your carbon footprint when you switch to iSYNC's digital devices, which are powered by efficient rechargeable batteries.

    Direct Connections

    Customers don't have to flag down a busy server to get attention. iSYNC's unique call-back feature lets your staff know when a guest is in need of their services.