Unique Micro-Network

iSYNC is an International media company that creates micro-networks that engage consumers in destination locations including pubs, restaurants, bars, hotels and other public venues.

ISYNC Media enables advertisers to connect to their target audiences in venues where they are captive, out-of-home, receptive to appropriate marketing messaging and ready to spend. Unlike web browsers and mobile devices that are subject to ad blockers, iSYNC Media places screens in high-visibility positions where ads and marketing messages cannot be blocked.


In addition, iSYNC Media terminals are NFC (Near Field Communication) linked and Bluetooth Low Energy compatible, allowing consumers to interact with screens located at their table via their personal smartphone. The interactions created by this revolutionary platform allows venues to accumulate user analytic data and permits venue operators and advertisers to engage patrons on a personal level.

Digital Signage

iSYNC is a unique interactive digital signage network that utilises small screens to engage patrons in high traffic venues such as pubs, restaurants, bars and entertainment centres.

Entertains Customers

The iSYNC system is a rechargeable wireless unit that delivers venue promotions, entertains clients, plays adverts at the touch of a button, and so much more.

Multiple Venue Benefits

Benefits include a service-calling function, enhanced at-table customer experiences, increased spends and a free cloud-based app delivering your digital menu and the option for pay-at-table convenience. iSYNC also offers integration with your existing pay-at-table solution.

No Cost

iSYNC forms partnerships with qualifying venues, delivering our patent-protected technology at zero cost. This no-cost offering ensures that venues can access and leverage our innovative solutions without any financial burden. In addition, our collaboration includes revenue-sharing potential, creating a mutually beneficial arrangement.