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Ad Revenue

iSYNC Offerings

Ads are delivered via our cloud-based platform and we share the revenue.
On average venues earn

*Actual revenue share will vary from venue to venue and applicable laws will apply

No Risk, Pure Profit

The iSYNC network does not only improves your on-table messaging and enhances the dining experience with our proprietary devices and services, it can also become a source of significant revenue that is available to you on a no-risk basis, with no investment from your venue.


iSYNC devices are placed in locations where customers are engaged in outgoing and positive social behaviors, making them ripe for messaging and purchases. Advertisers are eager to reach these highly-desirable consumers, and are willing to pay premium rates to engage them through the iSYNC media outlet.


This advertising relationship is further enhanced by the detailed analytics and traffic reports created by customer interactions with the iSYNC network. This valuable data can also be shared with the venue for use in their own marketing campaigns.