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A Better Way to Connect

iSYNC’s proprietary smartphone linking technology provides secure, no-touch connections between venues and customers.

This capability transforms table and wall displays from mere messaging devices into dynamic interactive links. It also eliminates recent and growing concerns over the risks of using public touch screens. After engaging an iSYNC terminal through a wireless, touch-free NFC connection or an optical QR code, customers then conduct their engagements and transactions on their trusted personal devices.


The iSYNC/smartphone interface is a tech-agnostic platform positioned for adaptive evolution. It is based on progressive apps rather than software embedded in the device. This allows for seamless updates and expansions of the platform without the need for software revisions or device replacement. Whether adding a new ordering protocol to a venue’s digital suite or responding to a social media trend, the process is handled through iSYNC’s back end network, with no interruption in services to the venue.

Visual Engagement

Interactions begin with compelling visual messaging on iSYNC devices that need never be touched by users. But just in case, these robust display devices feature streamlined surfaces designed for easy cleaning.

No-Touch Linking

Patrons can begin interactions without making contact with the device, either by engaging an NFC connection with their smartphone or by using an optical QR code. Both methods transfer the resulting interaction to the user’s smartphone.

Personal Contact

Once a smartphone is engaged through the iSYNC device, all touch screen actions take place on the patron’s personal device via landing pages and progressive apps, eliminating any concerns for making direct physical contact with a public interface.