Ecommerce, Gaming & More

Ecommerce, Gaming & More

iSYNC Offerings


Close the gap between advertising and sales with secure e-commerce transactions that take place right at the table.

Ticket sales for movies, concerts and sporting events can link directly to the customer’s smartphone. Spur-of-the moment on-line orders for a wide range of goods and services can be made from these same devices, allowing the customer to use familiar and trusted shopping and payment apps.


iSYNC links smartphones to secure venue-specific apps, allowing patrons to engage their favorite gaming apps without leaving the table.

From shared game play to fantasy sports leagues, this direct connection encourages interactions and enhances the overall customer experiences. In regions where online sports wagering is allowed, iSYNC can also provide a direct link to favorite sites.

Enhance Venue Merchandise Sales

Tap into additional revenue streams and enhance the bottom line by adding at-table sales of venue merchandise.

From gift cards to T-shirts, commemorative items and more, iSYNC provides effective, no-cost opportunities to expand venue merchandising programs, and has a proven record for increased sales.