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iSYNC Offerings

Revenue Share

Installing iSYNC MEDIA costs the venue nothing and the venue receives a share of the ad revenue. Companies like YouTube have been sharing advertising revenue for years. Now you can earn revenue in your venue on your tables. Learn more here of potential ad share revenue for your venue!

Existing Services

Our system also incorporates with your Order & Pay Service Model and adds revenue to your venues! iSYNC MEDIA does not replace any existing platforms, just makes them simpler to use and adds revenue.

Customer Feedback

With the iSYNC MEDIA Device, customers can conveniently complete satisfaction surveys right at their table, enabling you to receive immediate feedback and take prompt action.

Your Data

iSYNC MEDIA collects and uses only general data to target advertising, enabling iSYNC MEDIA to better target ads and command a higher price. Any customer data we collect is given to you.

The Difference

You may have seen screens on tables before, but not all screens are created equal.

They are primarily designed to be extensions of the venue’s POS system or sell and play arcade games, charging venues a daily fee.

Installing iSYNC MEDIA costs the venue nothing, and the venue receives a share of the advertising revenue. Learn more here!

Loyalty / Rewards

Enhance loyalty programs to boost engagement and foster meaningful interactions with customers. Drive customer loyalty by creating more effective strategies tailored to their needs. Utilize innovative approaches and personalized incentives to deepen customer engagement and build lasting relationships.

No Cost

iSYNC forms partnerships with qualifying venues, delivering our patent-protected technology at zero cost. This no-cost offering ensures that venues can access and leverage our innovative solutions without any financial burden. In addition, our collaboration includes revenue-sharing potential, creating a mutually beneficial arrangement.